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Delphi/C++Builder Programming Components&Libraries
[797] VirtualTreeview5.1.2 버전입니다.
망치 [mangchy] 94153 읽음    2013-04-05 13:22
2013년 4월 4일로 업데이트되었군요..


V5.1.2 (04 Apr 2013):
- Added function TVirtualTreeColumns.GetFirstColumn that returns the first column in display order.
- Fixed issue #322: CaptionAlignment is not being restored by Header.LoadFromStream().
- TBaseVirtualTree.GetNodeData() now calls InitNode() if the node had not beend initialized.
   This fixes issue #323 (Memory leak when the Node has children )
- Fixed issue #326: Application hangs when aborting OLE Copy/Paste Operation
- Added new option poResizeToFitItem to TVTHeaderPopupOption: Adds an item which, if clicked,
   resizes all columns to fit by calling TVTHeader.AutoFitColumns()
- Property RangeX is now public in the class TVirtualStringTree (#327)
- TVirtualTreeColumns.HandleClick(): No longer triggering auto sort if just the checkbox in the header was clicked
- TBaseVirtualTree.SetCheckType new resets PVirtualNode.CheckState only if the check state does not fit the new check type
- Fixed issue #321: Delphi2009: undeclared identifier: 'fState' in VirtualTrees.pas:DrawDisabledImage()
- Fixed issue #315: hoHeaderClickAutoSort was only working if toAutoSort is also set

V5.1.1 (07 Feb 2013):
- Fixed issue #313: Translucent selection rectangle completely broken when PaintBackground is used
- Fixed issue #314: Only if toAutoSort is True non-expanded nodes will be excluded from sorting.
   This restores the behavior of V5.0.X.
- Fixed issue #306: Drag image was broken except for CF_HDROP
- Fixed issue #305: Broken hint drawing with classic windows theme and toUseExplorerTheme
- Fixed issue #298: Bad canvas parameters in OnBeforeCellPaint method
- If NodeDataSize has its default value -1, now sizeof(Pointer) is used at runtime as actual value.
   This makes it easier to store a simple Pointer with each node indepedent of the target platform (32/64Bit).
- Fixed issue #300: Made the hint text more centered in the hint window
- If TVirtualTreeColumn.CheckBox is set to True in Designer, then hoShowImages is now added to Header.Options
- Fixed issue #302: AV when painting sorted header column containing checkbox
- Now soring subnodes when they get expanded and the toAutoSort flag is set
- Added fix for ugly drawn disabled images (thx to S. Glienke). See also:
- Fixed issue #299: Draw themed focus rectangle with toUseExplorerTheme
- Fixed issue #198: Wrong check images
- Removed file VTConfig.inc. The former $ifdef ReverseFullExpandHotKey is now a flag in the
   TVTMiscOption enumeration. The $ifdef TntSupport can be defined at the beginning of the unit VirtualTrees.
- Added new optional parameter "Recursive" to TBaseVirtualTree.Sort()

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797 VirtualTreeview5.1.2 버전입니다. 망치 94153 2013/04/05
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